Monday, July 9, 2012

Thanks for the Memories


Well, since the only people who ever read this blog were our friends and family you all must know by now that we are no longer living in Cayman but have moved to Boston!

We want to thank everyone for their support during our move to Cayman, it was an amazing time and we miss it dearly but we are also very excited for our new adventures in Boston. We will no longer post from this blog but will be posting from our new blog We promise to share stories about our growing family, local explorations, trips and lots of photos.

Well, it's been real. This is Christina, signing off.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas in Boston

This year we spent the first weekend of our Christmas vacation in Boston. We always have talked about taking a mini-trip on our way home to Kansas and this year we finally did. It was our Christmas gift to each other and we had a wonderful time enjoying it! Above is a photo of the Christmas Tree at Quincy Market. Bob didn't believe it was real until I made him get up close to it.

On our trip we visited two breweries for tours. Above is a photo of us in the tasting room of the Samuel Adams Testing Facility. It was a neat tour and we even saw some of the men from their commercials.

We also went to the Harpoon Brewery in South Boston and it was amazing. Definitely the best tour we've ever been on.

Here Bob is observing the brewing process. They did a nice job of explaining beer making and letting us sample beers in different states. They also had a lot of fun beers to taste in their tasting room, we especially liked their Winter Warmer. Harpoon is best known for their flagship Harpoon IPA. I'd suggest trying it if you ever get the chance, and that coming from a non-IPA drinker. We also made it over to Boston Beer Works for a Blueberry Beer, of course.

Don't worry, we ate on our trip too. Our meals were focused on lobster bisque and italian seafood dishes from Giacomo's. Here we are on our first morning having a late breakfast of lobster bisque. We weren't messing around :)

This trip was in the winter but that didn't put the idea of baseball out of Bob's mind. As we've never been to a game at Fenway we decided to take a tour of the grounds. Here is Bob looking ver serious in the press box. I think he was imaging a Royals/Red Sox series.

Overall we had a wonderful time in Boston. Our hotel was fantastic and the weather was cold but sunny. We had some lovely walks around town, great food and interesting beers. Overall a wonderful Christmas vacation!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome Back

I know, I know. It has been forever. If anyone out there still checks my blog, thanks for the loyalty. Those of you with Google Reader, you don't count.

Speaking of Google Reader makes me feel guilty. I seriously check it around 3 times a day. I can check my Reader and read blogs, but I can't post one? Terrible. In my defense, my computer has slowed down considerably, making loading any kind of image almost impossible. We are looking into some pretty new Apples to buy when we are home for Christmas.

I promise to post some photos from our exciting vacation to IRELAND, which we leave for next week! We are so excited! I really need a break. Bob has been working much harder during the off season than we had hoped and my hours have been longer due to staff shortages. Also, it is just so hot and humid here, it will be nice to cool off. I have always been interested in visiting Ireland but when I saw my friends Jessi and Courtney's photos it solidified my resolve. Actually, it just made me really jealous I didn't pay the extra money and fly to Ireland with them!

So, good times ahead and probably some good stories! We are staying in an array of accommodations in a variety of towns. Should be interesting!

Hope all is well with you out there in internet world! Hopefully I'll post again soon!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bob scored a try!

We play touch rugby now, thanks to our good friend Alanna. We play for her company, GCM. Read the following:

I know you may be surprised that I am playing a sport, but it has been lots of fun so far learning a new game. I may not be the best player but I'm trying!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Teignmouth Electron

This is a story that proves that when you bring a history nut with you on vacation, you never know what you may find.

Once apon a time (1968), in a land far far away (England), the Sunday Times sponsored a single-handed, around the world yacht race called the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race. There was a British man named Donald Crowhurst that believed he could build a new, innovative yacht that would win the race. He named it the Teignmouth Electron. This boat was a trimaran, which was untested for such long voyages and difficult to right, if capsized. Crowhurst added a special buoyancy bag to the top of the mast, just in case, and set off from Teignmouth, Devon at the last possible minute.

It turns out the boat is on Cayman Brac! Here is a photo of the boat today:

As you might suspect, things did not go so well for Crowhurst or the Electron. He had no prior experience on this type of yacht, hadn't taken the boat through any tests and left a lot of supplies behind. To sum up, he fell behind early, started radioing in false positions (making him sound in the lead), possibly was being poisoned by his food supply or water filtration system and then committed suicide by drowning in the ocean. His boat was found abandoned and was sold multiple times before it wound up decaying on the south shore of Cayman Brac. Go here and here for the full story.

It is weird. The story is really interesting and yet, there is no mention of it in Cayman Brac. No plaque at the site, no mention on any map. Just a pile of garbage between the beach and a road. The local girl at the hotel had never heard of it and the boat is located less than a mile away!

Here is our "history nut" with the Electron. Thanks James for telling us this interesting story, I can't believe the Brac doesn't take advantage of such a great tale!

Cliffs and Caving in Cayman Brac

Last weekend we took advantage of the Queen's Birthday holiday and went to Cayman Brac for the long weekend. This trip has been in the works since January and was planned by our good friends Alanna and James.

Cayman Brac is a bit different than Grand Cayman. It has a large bluff going through the center of the island. This allows for some great caves that have been carved out by the wind and water over the years.

Here we are in Skull Cave. The caves were ridiculously hot, probably due to the high humidity and the fact we went caving at noon. Of course, we didn't learn from our mistakes and did the same thing the following day.

I was looking forward to seeing the lighthouse. Sadly, I was a bit underwhelmed.

It turns out that modern working lighthouses aren't as exciting as their picturesque older brothers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We did take turns climbing to the top, though I'm sure it was prohibited.

Here is the crew at the top of the bluff, near the lighthouse.

This is the north side of the bluff, which we climbed on a very rugged staircase.

Near the top of the bluff is Peter's Cave which residents can still use as a hurricane shelter. It was VERY HOT!

Here is a shot of Bob and I on the top of the bluff.

This is on the far east side of the island. That little rock is known as Little Cayman Brac. We did not attempt to climb it.

And now a photo from the West end of the island on our final night.

It was a very fun vacation fill with plenty of pool time, some snorkeling, too much food and lots of laughs with friends. Thanks Alanna and James for a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Second Trip to the QEII Botanical Park

I am really starting to love this park! Everytime I go I find new flowers and interesting plants. I have no idea what these plants are called but they are awesome!

This time I went it was very sunny and hot, perfect weather to bring out the extremely endangered Blue Iguanas! They are large and blue. The juveniles are brighter blue but those are reared in a controlled environment. We saw 5 of the iguanas while walking around, it was a real treat!